Living each day

I’ve been reminiscing about the past. My childhood. The good old days. And at the same time, I’m worrying about the future. My retirement. The coming end days. I think about the house I used to live in, and the house I yearn for.  I think about the holidays I enjoyed, and the holidays I dream about.  I think about my children when they were babies, and the adults they will grow into. At times, I feel that I’m almost losing my mind, myself, in all these thoughts, in all the busyness and noises around me.

And in one quiet moment, as I push the stroller along a shady path, just me and my sleeping baby, I become mindful of the present, of the living word of God…

“Give us each day our daily bread” – Luke 11: 3

Not the stale bread of yesterday, and not the un-risen bread of tomorrow but the bread for today.

So these days, I’m savouring each moment, I’m being mindful of His presence and I’m living each day for His glory.

each day

Flowing into the new year

Up till 2010, I’ve always made a point to make new year resolutions. Then my firstborn came along in December 2010 and I have stopped since.

With children in my life, the years didn’t seem to have a clear start and a stop for me. The children are growing, developing and changing constantly, continuously. Every new year’s eve, we still get them to bed on time. There is no party, no watching the night, not even a countdown as we will be in bed by 11pm. My identity has been so enmeshed with the children that resolutions made on my end just wouldn’t make any sense.

Perhaps a word to usher in the new year would be more apt. A word to bring hope, inspire, encourage in the days ahead.

My word for this year, is ‘flowing’ – flowing with the spirit, flowing to rest, flowing in the unforced rhythms of grace. What would be your word for the new year?