Jarful of 10

How did I come up with the name “Jarful of Plenty”? It actually started off with a very trivial obsession with the Christian rock band, “Jars of Clay” in my youth days. I loved their music, it was one of the rare times a Christian rock band’s song would be played on secular radio. It was really difficult to get access to Christian contemporary music in the past. The only way was through buying CDs at Christian bookstores and of course this pricey option was unavailable to most common folks.

My life has not been one of the easiest nor has it also been the hardest. But friends often describe me as someone who looks very tired and/or grumpy. I think it all started in university when I had to study and work part-time at the same time, it was extremely exhausting and sometimes I survived on just bread and milo for meals. More often than not, you will find me falling asleep during lectures in school and sermons at church.

Someone recently reminded me that in order to LIVE, we have to be filled first and so – “Jarful of Plenty”. Inspired by God using a simple clay jar to demonstrate His love for us, I want my life filled with Jesus, overflowing with joy and resting in His grace. Hence, to remind myself about the purpose of my blog, I created 10 different jars found in the bible – may my audience of One be pleased with my stories for His glory.