Hear Me and See Me

“You sure?” 

My response to a friend who just experienced a miscarriage in her home. 

Little did I know that these two simple words could hurt her deeply and it is one of the worst responses coming from an ex-social worker and supposedly mature Christian…

Devotion Resources

Building Faith Pictures

This book serves as a guide to kickstart your creative journey with God. You will discover the joy of reading the bible and hearing God’s word through building faith pictures – visual reminders of His grace and love…

Mealtime Devotions

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, staying home more often now means eating at home more often and gathering together more often too for meal times. We like to have conversations during dinner…

Rebecca Yao is the author of Jarful of Plenty, a journal of faith pictures and stories about life’s imperfect progress and journey in grace.

Rebecca is based in Singapore. She creates art at http://www.cartwheels.sg and explores play at http://www.playshipedventures.com